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This book will take you through the most important stages and issues of child custody and show you how to safeguard your child’s best interest through it all, including before and after divorce.

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Divorce is an emotionally, mentally, and financially straining process, not only for the couple, but if you have children, more so for them. If one has decided to go through it then why not choose to go through it with some help and ease.

Protecting your rights is a vital issue for a man going through the divorce process. The Men’s Rights Manual for Divorce provides information, tips, and strategies that will give you the information you need to do just that.

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Child custody can be complicated. The Mother’s Child Rights Handbook covers your rights as a mother to help ensure that your child custody rights are recognized and provided to the fullest extent of the law.

Ensure that your rights as a father when it comes to child custody are recognized and upheld. The Father’s Child Custody Handbook provides basic information that every father should know when seeking custodial and visitation rights.

Without the Right Divorce Attorney, the Hassle can turn into Downright Agony! Learn the Tips and Tricks, as well as the exact Art of Hiring the Perfect Divorce Lawyer.

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The divorce is final and you think the headaches have ended, but at some point in time, you will date again. It is only natural to want companionship. The truth is that dating after a divorce is very scary and can cause even more heartache. It is difficult to believe you can trust again.

Marriages and relationships can fail for many reasons, and couples who are smart enough to open their eyes can see the signs. They know there are problems in their marriage, but they are not sure how to pinpoint them. So, is the problem a simple change in attitudes that can be mended easily, or is it something a bit more drastic?