How Quickly can I get my Divorce?

Is it Possible to get a Quick Divorce?

When you are hurt and angry, all you can think about is how quickly the divorce process will be over so you can move on with your life. What you may not realize is how quickly you can get your divorce depends a lot on you and your spouse. Whether you like it or not, discussing your settlement with your soon to be ex will help you get your divorce final a lot faster.

The reason some divorces drag on for years is that both parties are fighting about every little detail. At times, it isn’t even important things like their children or money, but about who gets the family dog or the ugly china neither of them like. Little things become a fight because neither side wants the other to “win.” The sad truth is that no one wins in situations like this. Think about that before you fight over material possessions.

Not only does the fighting cause the divorce to take longer, it also causes it to be much more expensive. The lawyer fees alone can reach thousands of dollars. Those fees take away from the money you will need to start your new, single life. Think about that before you fight over material objects. There are times to fight over details, such as the best place for your children, but for many things, let it go.

If you want the quickest divorce possible, sit down with your spouse and make decisions for your family. Decide on child support, visitation, spousal support, and division of property and write down your agreement. Have a lawyer look over your settlement to be sure you haven’t forgotten anything. There are many details you may not think about and a professional opinion is always a good idea.

Mediation is another possibility if you want to file for divorce quickly but can’t reach an agreement with your spouse. If you choose mediation, a neutral third party will look at your situation and offer suggestions that would be fair to both. A mediator is not a judge, so you don’t have to take the suggestions, but if you do, you can file quickly and be divorced soon.

Working together may not be what you want to do especially with the anger and hurt that is part of nearly every divorce. It is the quickest way to file for divorce, though, and be able to move on with your life.

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