Remember – this is YOUR Divorce, not your Lawyer’s

Remember – this is YOUR Divorce, not your Lawyer’s

Finding an attorney to help you through your divorce is as scary as finding a new doctor.  Your divorce will have an effect on not only your life, but the lives of your children and you need someone you can trust to help you.  Ask for references from friends to help you find the lawyer that best suits your needs.  Always remember that even though your attorney is there to help you, this is your divorce and every decision needs to be approved by you.

Some attorneys believe that by making decisions for their clients, or by pushing them into certain choices, they are ultimately helping them.  The divorce may be quicker if you agree to everything your lawyer recommends, but you may not get what you want and need.  Never let your attorney push you into an agreement you are not comfortable with.

At times, attorneys may try to convince you to sign an agreement simply because they feel you will be unable to pay them for their services and they want to spend as little time as possible with you.  This may seem unethical, but in reality, we all protect own interests first.  If you feel as if you are being pushed, speak up.  You hired this person – not the other way around.  Don’t worry about upsetting your lawyer by being honest.  You can always find another lawyer if needed.

Make sure to take a list of questions with you when you meet with your lawyer.  Ask each one and if you still don’t understand, ask for more clarification.  Most lawyers want to help you and not just collect a payment.  Never sign a document that you don’t fully understand – the results could be a disaster, but financial and emotional.

If you feel as if your lawyer is not listening to your needs, have a frank conversation with him/her.  It is possible they don’t realize you are as informed as you are or that they don’t realize how pushy they are being.  After talking, if you still feel as if you are not being heard, it may be time to search for another attorney to handle your divorce.  Your divorce is going to be stressful enough without fighting with your own attorney.

Be prepared when you attend meetings with your attorney and it is less likely your attorney will ignore your wishes or try to push you into decisions you don’t want.  Bring notes with you and do some research on your own so you know what to expect.

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