Save Money – Be Organized during your Divorce

Money is always a concern for people, but those going through a divorce are especially concerned.  Their immediate future is up in the air and finances are scary enough when life is calm.  Being organized is the easiest way to save money – or prove how much money you need – during your divorce.

The cheapest way to stay organized is to buy a three ring binder and a hole punch.  Purchase section dividers and folders that will fit into your notebook.  Label each section according to your situation.  Some good choices might be assets, liabilities, tax returns, payroll, etc.  If you are expecting a long, bitter battle, you may even label a section as correspondence and keep copies of emails or texts from your spouse.

You won’t be able to keep the originals of paperwork you put in your notebook, unless you make a copy for your spouse.  If you suspect your spouse may try to hide assets, make copies of anything you find to support this and keep it in your notebook.  If you are really concerned about a feud, you may consider keeping your notebook away from your home to be sure your spouse does not destroy it.

Save anything you feel may be important in your notebook and take it with you to appointments with your attorney.  Also, be sure to have it when you go to any hearings.  If your spouse argues with anything you say, you will have the proof you need with you and will be able to find it instantly.  You may feel awkward carrying a huge notebook with you, but it could be the difference between getting what you want and settling for less.

If you stay organized, you will have everything you need for your attorney and won’t have to pay him/her to investigate or locate information.  This will save you attorney fees that can quickly add up to hundreds of dollars.  You can also be sure that your spouse is sharing everything with his/her attorney and the courts.

Money is always a tense situation for those who are getting divorced.  Make sure you keep receipts for everything you buy during the divorce so you can prove what amounts you spend on clothing, food, transportation and housing for you and your children.  Having copies of these right at your fingertips will relieve your stress and help prove your claims during your divorce.

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