What are Signs that a Divorce Might Happen?

How to Decide When to Get a Divorce

No one ever believes that divorce will happen to them.  Everyone is sure that their marriage will be one where they live happily ever after and nothing bad will occur.  Unfortunately, life isn’t a fairy tale and bad things do happen.  If you notice any of the signs below in your relationship with your spouse, it might be time to seek marriage counseling to try and repair your relationship.

  • Constant bickering.  You and your spouse may not “fight” but you bicker all the time about even small parts of your lives.  Often, you won’t even know what you are arguing about and often, the arguments turn into screaming matches that never really get resolved.
  • The need for distractions.  When you are first with your spouse, you can’t stand to be apart for any longer than you have to.  Now, one or both of you look for distractions so you don’t have to spend time together.  The last thing you want to do is talk to your spouse.
  • Change in daily habits.  If you and your spouse have basically had the same schedule for years and all of a sudden, your spouse is gone at odd times and blames work might be a reason for you to have concerns.  Before you jump to any conclusions, though, be sure to make sure their schedule has not changed for some reason.
  • Constant criticism.  If your spouse is constantly criticizing you, or you find fault all the time with him/her, there may be a problem that needs to be addressed.  Everyone has little quirks that may seem cute and sweet when you only saw it once in a while, but when you see it every day, those cute quirks can become annoying habits.  You cannot criticize your spouse into changing.
  • Either one of you begins to withdraw.  The surprising thing about pulling away from your spouse is that it can happen so slowly, you don’t even realize it is happening.  All of sudden, you realize it has been months since you told your spouse anything about your life or that you haven’t talked to them about theirs, either.  You have no idea what is going on and really don’t care to find out.

Any of these signs can occur during a healthy relationship, so don’t become spooked if you noticed it happening in your life.  All marriages go through rough patches or times when life is so busy that making time for each other doesn’t seem as important.  Don’t panic – just become more aware of your spouse and make time to be together.

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