My Spouse Only Will only Consider an Online Divorce – is this Possible?

Preparing for your divorce

Since we do everything else online, it seems that obtaining a divorce should be a possibility, too.  However, while you can get divorce papers, and even have them filled out, on the internet, you cannot actually have a divorce finalized online.

Once your spouse realizes you cannot get a divorce decree online, you will need to sit down and see if you can work out an agreement between the two of you.  If this is possible, you can submit your information to a website to have divorce papers printed.  You can then take them to your local county clerk of court office and pay to have them filed.  Some websites offer to fax these papers for you, but beware of the added cost of that.

Even if you and your spouse have agreed to all of the details of your divorce, you may still want to hire an attorney to look over your agreement.  You may think that you have considered every detail that can affect your divorce, but you simply can’t remember everything.  If you have no experience with divorce laws, you may be unwittingly giving away money or benefits that you will need to get on with your life.

Your spouse may not want you to have an attorney look over the papers, but that shouldn’t matter to you.  You are divorcing this person – you need to look out for yourself and your children now.  Let your soon to be ex be angry, if that’s what happens.  You need to wonder why he/she doesn’t want a lawyer to check the agreement.  Maybe he/she hasn’t been completely honest with you.

Online divorce papers might be a good idea for couples who are sure their spouse has always been honest and they have simply fallen out of love.  If you are sure you know everything about your finances, then print divorce papers from the internet fill them out and have an attorney look them over.  This not only protects you, but your spouse, too.

Once your divorce papers have been filed, you will be contacted about a date for your court appearance.  If you have both agreed on everything, this will be a simple meeting.  The judge will ask each of you whether you are still in agreement and if you are appearing of your own free will.  After you both agree, a divorce decree will be issued and your divorce will be final.

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