Starting the Search for a Divorce Attorney

Believe it or not, the hardest part of starting your divorce proceedings is deciding how to find your attorney.  It can be a daunting task because, many times, people have no idea what they will even need from an attorney. Do they want someone who will win at any costs?  Do they need someone who will hold their hand through every step of the divorce process?  When you are already feeling the stress of a bad marriage, and perhaps even depressed, looking for a divorce attorney might just be too much to tackle.

Unless you and your spouse can compromise and work together to make decisions about your divorce, you will need a divorce lawyer. The easiest way to start is to ask people you trust if they have an attorney and how they feel about that person.  You can also begin your search in your local phone book.  Call each of the people on your list and narrow down your choice from there.  When you visit the attorney, remember that you are interviewing him/her, not the other way around.  Ask the questions you want to ask and take note of whether the attorney seems to be paying attention to you.

Also note whether you are comfortable talking to them.  Over the next several months, you will have to discuss very personal issues with this person and being comfortable is very important.  You also need to feel that you can trust them 100% to help you through this difficult time of your life.

Some attorneys will even provide you with a free guide to help you know what to expect during the divorce proceeding.  Your attorney should be compassionate, but also be knowledgeable of any special circumstances of your situation.  For example, if you have a child with special needs, your attorney needs to be aware of any laws in your state that deals with such an incidence.

If you are in southern California, attorney Rick Banks is the lawyer you need.  He offers a free guide for divorce in that state.  He is also a trained mediator that can help you and your spouse avoid a long, drawn-out fight in court by working together to create a divorce agreement.  This will save you both a lot of money and your divorce will be finished in a much shorter period of time.  Rick Banks is the trusted mediator/attorney you need to help you through your divorce.

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