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Divorce and Depression

Coping with a divorce is never easy.  Even if it has been a long time coming, and something you want, you may be surprised at how upset you are when the papers are finalized.  Or you may be very happy that day and the crying hits you weeks or months later.  Both of these reactions are perfectly normal and you will need to find the best way for you to cope with your divorce.

Something you need to remember is that everyone will have a reaction to their divorce.  No one can live through the anger and anxiety of a divorce without feeling something.  Even those people who look like they have it all together and seem happy may be crying at home.  Never compare your feelings to anyone else’s.  Your journey through divorce will be different from every other divorce.

You may find you have little appetite and are having trouble sleeping.  Maybe you have no energy and can’t seem to care about things you used to enjoy doing.  If you find yourself unable to handle day to day decisions, you may have developed severe depression.  Some people feel embarrassed by this, but there is no reason to feel that way.  Many people deal with depression every day and you can feel better with some help.

An appointment should be made with your doctor.  You can discuss all of your symptoms with him/her and they can give you a list of things to try to fight the depression.  You may be told to try exercise or a change in your diet.  If your doctor feels your depression is severe, a prescription may be given to help you through this difficult time.

Even with medication, you will need to make some changes in your life to fight the depression.  It won’t be easy, but you can do it!  You can start attending a church to make new friends or join a group of people that have the same interests as you, such as gardening, cooking or reading.  Look for opportunities to volunteer – you will be surprised at how much better you feel by helping others.

Start an exercise program or a new hobby.  If you have children, go out and play a game of tag with them.  You need to make time for yourself – you cannot help your children cope with the divorce if you cannot cope yourself.  Remember, every day will be a little better than the day before and soon you will be feeling more like yourself.

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