What are the Top 5 Reasons for Divorce?

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Ask anyone what the top reason for divorce is and they will probably tell you an affair. This is what many people assume, but the truth is a surprise. Couples who divorce often say that their problems built up over time and that even if one spouse did commit adultery, it was the other reasons that ultimately caused the split.

1. Lack of communication is the top reason for divorce according to thousands of people who were asked why they split up. Lack of communication creates a distance between spouses that can be hard to overcome. By not sharing thoughts and feelings, spouses can begin to think that they are not as important as they want to be and may drift away from each other. A great relationship is one where both spouses share their feelings with the other.

2. It is no surprise that financial issues are a top reason for divorce. Fighting over money issues can become bitter very quickly and a resolution may seem impossible. If a person who enjoys saving money marries a person who enjoys spending it, disagreements are bound to happen. If one spouse makes a lot more money than the other, it can be hard on the relationship, too.

3. Another top reason for divorce is differences in religion or the culture the spouse grew up in. These differences can cause conflict from the way you spend your free time to how you raise your children. Just because you married someone from a different religion does not mean you will get divorced. There are thousands of couples from different religions and/or cultures who are happily married. They are committed to adapting their life to fit their needs.

4. Abuse is a top reason for divorce and one many people do not like to talk about. Abuse does not have to be physical. Verbal, emotional and mental abuse can cause as much damage as physical abuse and very often, the person who is being abused does not always realize it. They come to believe they deserve the way they are treated. Divorcing a person who is abusive can be even scarier, especially if any threats have been made in the past.

5. Trust and insecurity issues are another top reason for divorce. Insecurity can cause jealousy and trust begins to erode when one spouse constantly feels the other is checking on them. Lack of trust is a hard issue to overcome and this is why it is a top reason some couples divorce.

Even if you experience any of these top reasons for divorce in your marriage, it does not mean you will end up getting divorced. As long as you and your spouse are willing to compromise and work together, your marriage has a chance.

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