Using Mediation to Deal With Divorce

When you are getting a divorce, stress is often your new best friend.  Between your usual schedule of work, home and children, you have meetings with your lawyer and constant decisions to make that will affect of the rest of you and your children’s lives. When you are trying to figure out how to deal with your divorce, consider using meditation as a stress reliever.

Meditation has been used for hundreds of years as a way to bring peace to mind, body and spirit.  For something that does so many things, it is surprisingly easy (and inexpensive!) to do.  Many DVDs are available to help you learn how to meditate if you are more comfortable learning a new hobby by watching.  The great thing about meditation is that there is not a correct way to do it – as long as you are feeling the benefits, you are doing it right.

The first thing you need to do when you are learning to meditate to deal with divorce is to be comfortable.  Many people lie in quiet, darkened rooms to start.  Get comfortable and start to control your breathing.  Breathe in as deep as you can through your nose, hold for a few seconds and slowly exhale through your mouth.  The deep breaths will relax your body and focusing on your slow breaths will help your mind relax as well.

Meditation needs to be practiced a few times a day for all of the benefits to show.  You do not need to find hours to do it, but you need to set aside a specific time each day to meditate.  If you feel as if you cannot relax, try some simply body stretches to begin the relaxing process. Stretching will help you focus on each part of your body.  As you stretch, take deep breaths and really feel how your muscles are pulling.

If you have a hard time clearing your mind, even after deep breathing and stretching, light a candle and focus all of your attention on the flame as you continue to breathe deeply.  It is very difficult for some people to clear their mind without something to focus on.

The best part of meditation is that once you learn the basic of deep breathing, you can use it anytime you need help when dealing with your divorce.  You may not be able to deeply meditate, but the deep breathing and focus will help your body relax and let the stress go.

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