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[col][testimonial title=”Testimonial” control=”on”][testimonial-item cite=”Dan Strickland” linktitle=”I recommend Win Your Divorce for divorce mediation!” linkurl=”/testimonials/”][p]To you Rick I give my heartfelt thanks. You were the only bright light in an otherwise very dark, traumatic process. When my wife decided to bring in her lawyer I knew it was a mistake for us. It slowed the process way down and cost us both a lot of money.[/p][p]In retrospect, mediation with you was the only way for us to go. Your kindness, fairness, gentle but firm manner and professional expertise set a tempo and demeanor which should carry us forward as we work together for our children. Thank you for your expertise and for the honor of knowing and working with you.[/p][/testimonial-item][testimonial-item cite=”Tonya S. Johnson” linktitle=”I needed divorce help and Rick Banks was there!” linkurl=”/testimonials/”][p]I was referred to Rick Banks as an alternative to reduce unnecessary cost with a traditional divorce. Working with Rick took the emotion out of the process and allowed us to focus on what was important. He kept us on track which set the tone for working together to raise our daughter in a more team like fashion.[/p][/testimonial-item][testimonial-item cite=”Sabrina Chandler” linktitle=”I strongly recommend Win Your Divorce mediation services!” linkurl=”/testimonials/”][p]We were looking for a divorce that was economical and fast as possible. Rick Banks gave my ex-husband and I exactly what we wanted. He conducted himself professionally at all times. He didn’t waste any time. He made the process easy and skillfully guided us through any disagreements. He even worked around our busy schedule so we didn’t have to miss work.[/p][p]I had never been to court and he was very thorough with his instructions. The paperwork was in perfect order. Everything went smoothly. You will not be disappointed with Rick as your mediator.[/p][/testimonial-item][/testimonial][/col]