What are Online Divorce Papers?

If you are considering divorce and have searched the internet for information, you may have found web-sites that offer online divorce papers.  This can be confusing as it sounds like you can file for divorce online, but this is not possible.  The only thing these sites can do is provide you with the papers you need to file for divorce.

Some sites will let you type in your information and print the completed forms to submit to your local family court.  Other sites only provide the blank forms and you have to fill them in after you print the papers.  If you choose to use online divorce papers, make sure you are printing the forms from your state as every state has different laws regarding divorce.

Online divorce papers can be helpful if you and your spouse are planning on filing an amicable divorce.  This means that you both agree on the issues, such as division of assets and debts, child visitation and support, and alimony.  An amicable divorce is always the best option for couples who are divorcing as it saves each person money, time and stress.  Amicable divorces may be final in as little as a few months.


Even if you and your spouse are filling out your online divorce papers together, you should still hire an attorney to look at your papers.  Many people think this is a waste of money, but with such an important document, you simply can’t afford to take the chance that you missed something or that information is incorrect.  Your divorce settlement can affect your life for years and you need to be protected.

Online divorce papers may not cover the information needed for every divorce.  If you have special circumstances, such as being caregivers for special needs children or aging parents, these papers may not ask for that information.  These issues are ones that need to be addressed in your divorce.  Special needs children have to be supported, financially and physically, for much longer than the age of maturity.  Online divorce papers will probably not address this issue.

Any online divorce papers you find can be useful in helping you and your spouse gather the information you will need to file for divorce.  These papers can allow you time to think about your needs before you file official papers in your family court.  Using these can save you time by showing you what you need to decide before your first appointment with your attorney.

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