What are the Top Reasons for Divorce?

Top reasons for divorce

It’s hard to believe, but in every 13 seconds, a couple files for divorce in America. Whether you have been together for 2 years or 20 – the bottom line is this – sometimes even the smallest of problems can result in major dents in your relationship. Whether it is too much argument, lack of fear of commitment or just falling out of love – ending a marriage is much easier than cherishing the feelings love these days.

Following are some of the top reasons for divorce that can send alarm bells ringing in any relationship. Take a look:

Failure to Communicate

Do you find it hard to talk to your spouse and communicate your feelings?  The increasing distance between two people who were once in love is one of the top reasons for divorce and can have painful implications on the spouses as well as their children. Whether it is a hectic schedule or failure to think alike, a lot of people find it difficult to bridge the gap and talk their heart out with their better half and ultimately this leads to breaking of the bond they share.

Lack of Trust and Insecurity

According to a survey, almost 55 percent of couples cited cheating and infidelity as one of the top reason for divorce. Marriages are prone to crumble apart because of lack of trust, as this leads to awkward confrontations, arguments, endless fighting and a lot more. Insecurity and jealousy in itself make a person go all bitter and before you know it these small and petty issues become one of the top reasons for divorce.

Not Giving Enough Time and Attention

Though it may seem to be a small issue at first, not spending enough time with your spouse will ultimately diminish the spark in a relationship. Staying away from each other, not participating in activities together and lack of attention ultimately makes two people grow apart and before they know it, they are much too distant to stay connected to each other in the bond called marriage.

Differences and Expectations

The word marriage is all about compromise – you give something to earn something. It is never a good idea to get into a marriage with unrealistic expectations as they can result in a lot of problems down the road. Not having an honest, open relationship is also considered one of the top reasons for divorce, as it can spring up into unnecessary issues and fights within a relationship. Couples, who don’t work to nurture the relationship or don’t delegate jobs and responsibilities, often end up miles apart which lead to bitter arguments and ultimately a painful divorce.

Love is a powerful feeling and marriage is one of the strongest and deepest relations known to man. However, sometimes even the smallest of things can wind up two people living together and result in wounds to a relationship that takes a lifetime to heal. Instead of going through a painful divorce and suffering for weeks because of the frustration and anger all bottled up within you, going for divorce mediation is a smart, quick and effective choice.

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