What is the Best Way to Cope with Divorce?

Coping with divorce is never easy.  Even if you have wanted a divorce for many years, you may be surprised by the effect it has on your emotions.  Pain and anger are common with all divorces, but how your life will change may be a shock.  No one can predict how you will feel as your divorce progresses, but there are ways to cope with your divorce.

  • Take care of yourself. This may seem silly that we need to start our list with this, but it is something everyone needs to remember.  You simply cannot control your stress and anxiety if you are overtired or not eating right.  Even if you don’t feel like eating or have trouble sleeping, think of your children.  You cannot help them cope with the divorce if you are falling apart.  Make sure you rest, eat right and get plenty of exercise.
  • Find a way to control your anxiety/stress. You will have anxiety and stress during your divorce.  You may feel it in differing degrees than others, but you will feel it.  Before it becomes overwhelming, find ways to cope with divorce stress.  Yoga and meditation are great ways to lower stress.  Exercise is another – even bubble baths can be helpful.
  • Meet new people. Unfortunately, many times during a divorce, friends take one side or the other and you may lose friends.  No one really plans on it happening, but it does.  This may be a lonely time in your life and meeting new people will help you cope with your divorce.  Join a special interest club, a gym or attend church.  Another way to meet new people is to volunteer.  There are always places looking for volunteers and not only will you meet new people, you will be helping others, too.
  • Put off major decisions. While your emotions are so raw, it is not a good idea to make any big decisions.  Even if you have been thinking about changing jobs or moving for a while, wait until you are more in control of your situation before you do.  When we are in pain, we will try anything to stop hurting.  Any decision you make now may be based on that pain and not on common sense.
  • Have some fun. This doesn’t have to be anything expensive!  Play a game or take your kids to the park and jump on the swings.  Turn up your music and dance around your house.  Binge watch your favorite TV show.  Have some friends over for dinner.  Any activity that helps take your mind off the situation will help you cope with your divorce.

Only you can decide what will help you cope with your divorce.  Give yourself time to heal – no one gets over their divorce overnight.  There is no specific time table – everyone is different.  It may take several months before you feel like yourself again, but you will get there!

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