When is the Best Time to File for Divorce?

For some reason, people seem to believe there is a “busy” season for divorce.  This is not true – even if it does seem that many divorces occur after the holiday season.  Often, couples who are considering divorce will wait until after Thanksgiving and Christmas to file so as not to ruin any holiday plans.

While there may be more divorces filed in January, there are just as many filed in other months.  Usually, the time when a couple files sticks with others because they think something like “at least they made it through the holidays.”  Post-holiday stress can also be the cause for so many divorces being filed at this time of the year.

Sometimes, when a couple is having problems, the holidays make those problems even worse.  If there are family issues, such as in-laws that can’t get along or financial differences, these problems are often highlighted during the stressful holiday season.  Or, one spouse may realize their different wants and needs are only getting farther apart.


There is no best time to file for divorce.  Some people try to file so their divorces will be final before the holiday season, but this is not easy to do.  No one can be sure how long your divorce will take as some take only a few months and others can drag on for years.

You cannot pick a good time of the year to announce your divorce.  It doesn’t matter when you choose to file – people will be hurt and surprised.  You can’t soften the blow for your children by filing in the summer when they are not in school or by choosing to file while they are in school to get their minds occupied.  You will have to help your children deal with your divorce no matter when you choose to file.

Deciding to divorce is never easy.  Some people feel they have reached the final straw and no longer care about their spouse, while others aren’t totally happy, but aren’t quite ready to file for divorce either.  Only you can decide when the best time to divorce is for you.  Only you can know when you are unhappy and need to be away from your spouse.  Your friends and family may offer advice, but the choice to divorce is yours alone.  The best time to divorce is when you know this is something you need to have a happier life.

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