Why You Should Use A Mediator

It may seem like the perfect ending to your divorce is one where your ex is a broken person after being dragged through the mud by your tough as nails, take no prisoners lawyer.  You get everything you want and he/she gets nothing.  Your children will love you more and despise your ex.  The problem with this “dream” is that while you are fighting with your ex, everyone is suffering – your children, your ex and you.

To avoid all of this pain and suffering, consider taking the high road and attempting an amicable divorce.  You can accomplish this by hiring a mediator to help with your divorce instead of hiring a win-at-all-costs attorney.  You may want your spouse to suffer, but it is more important to get through your divorce with as little pain to your family as possible.

A mediator is an experienced, family law attorney who has been specifically trained in mediation.  Your mediator will be a neutral third party who will look over your assets and liabilities and offer suggestions to help with your divorce agreement.  He/she can also offer suggestions about caring for your children.

Because your mediator is not a judge, you will not have to take their suggestions. However, mediators are very good at finding solutions to even the most difficult situations and explaining why their ideas are fair to both parties in the divorce. If you want to save yourself time and money, not to mention heartache, you will seriously consider the suggestions you receive.

If you have any special needs in your family, such as children with disabilities or caring for elderly parents, using a mediator can give you more options in your divorce agreement.  The traditional child visitation plan of every other weekend and an evening through the week may not be the best for your children and a mediator can help you find a better solution to your visitation plans.

Hiring a mediator can help you achieve the amicable divorce you and your family need, even if it is not what you think you want.  An amicable divorce will save you and your children a lot of heartache and also save you a lot of money.  You will have more money to live on after the divorce if you do not have to spend thousands on the divorce.  You will also be able to move on with your life much quicker if your divorce does not drag out for many months.

You may not think mediation is right for you, but it will not cost much to try it and may save you thousands in the end.  A mediator is often the best choice for couples going through a divorce.

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