Divorce is the kind of thing we never think will happen to us. It’s always somebody else. But then, one day you wake up and find that you’ve become a statistic, joining the thousands of American couples who divorce every day. The problem is that you’re not a statistic: you’re a person. An everyday person with feelings, hopes, and dreams, all of which this divorce might be crushing.

Fortunately, there are alternatives. The Win Your Divorce Workbook book is going to show you not only how to divorce without going broke, hating your spouse for the rest of your life, or suffering a nervous breakdown, it will help you get on with your life in the divorce’s aftermath.

This Workbook is meant to help you.  It is not meant to teach you pit-bull, win-at-all-cost tactics. Most of the time, those tactics backfire and end up costing the spouse who uses them dearly. My goal is to give you a reference for divorce: a way to come through it stronger than you were before. After all, there are reasons you’re divorcing. Hopefully your life post-divorce will be happier, more joyful, and more content than anything you’ve experienced to date.  But the only way to make that happen is to take control. And this book will help you do just that.

Win Your Divorce Workbook can save you thousands of dollars. Thousands of dollars in legal fees when you avoid a traditional courtroom divorce. Thousands of dollars you would have to pay an attorney to go over all of the things I cover.

With this book, you can find firsthand information about how to:

  • Stay organized
  • Manage your hurt and anger
  • Finalize your divorce quickly and inexpensively
  • Move on with your life

You can start learning more about getting a friendly divorce and organizing your proceedings in less than five minutes. You can get a solution to all your issues for thousands of dollars less than what it would cost you to talk to most lawyers for a couple of minutes.

“Win Your Divorce Workbook” focuses on speeding up the divorce process and minimizing your expenses.  For example: Statistics show that a typical, traditional courtroom divorce, where each spouse hires an attorney, takes 18 months and costs $19,000 to complete…

In Win Your Divorce you will learn how you can complete your divorce for less than $500.00!

The “Win Your Divorce Workbook” also walks you through how, without attorneys, you can design an agreement that can guide your family into the future — including your finances and, if you have children, their parenting plan and child support.

Here are some of the other tips and tricks that you will be able to glean from the workbook!

  • Creating a household belongings inventory
  • Organizing court papers and getting ready for court if it comes down to it
  • How to gather documents
  • How to work with your spouse
  • How to document debts

I’ll also show you the typical mistakes that divorcing couples’ make that cost them a fortune…

How to avoid the circus and war that follows when attorneys are hired…

A checklist of the vital documents you need, including template Divorce agreement worksheet, Monthly Income & Expense Report, Marital Settlement Agreements…

Plus much, MUCH more!

No matter which state you reside in, the information I provide you in this guide will help you achieve a speedy divorce.

With the “Win Your divorce Workbook” in your corner, you’ll have a proven step-by-step plan you can follow to help you divorce without pain, and without hating your spouse for the rest of your life

The guide will also help you get on with your life in the divorce’s aftermath.

But the only way to make that happen is if you take control… and this guide will help you do just that!

In the “Win Your Divorce Workbook” you’ll learn…