About Win Your Divorce

Rick Banks, Nationally-Recognized Divorce Attorney and Mediator

Rick D. Banks is a member of the California Bar Association, Fresno County Bar Association, the Los Angeles Bar Association,  and the Association of Trial Lawyers of America.

As a highly sought after Divorce Mediator, Rick is proud of the divorces he has handled where his clients have been able to resolve their issues and get what they want quickly and easily — be it keeping their assets or maximizing the support they get — all while saving on expensive court costs.

He also has a successful track record of helping parents work out mutually satisfying custody arrangements that allow for frequent and continuous contact with their children.

Rick’s book “Win Your Divorce: Financially, Emotionally & Socially” is receiving rave reviews and is helping people get through their divorces, and get on with their lives, without the drama, expense, and emotional distress that most divorces entail.

The Win Your Divorce team is dedicated to providing support and advice to those people who are entering, in the process of, or have already been through a divorce.  We are determined to alleviate the stress of divorce for as many people as we possibly can through the tools we have here on our site.