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Win Your Divorce

The Win Your Divorce Course

Broken down into 10 easy-to-follow modules, this course will walk you through every aspect of your divorce.

A Partner Who's Been There Before

Right now, you may be going through one of the hardest chapters of your life. The marriage you’ve invested in is changing. Whatever emotions you’re feeling right now are real, normal, and a part of this process.

How do I know?

Because I’ve been through this too.
After navigating my own challenging divorce successfully, I wanted to make sure everyone had access to the same tools, skills, and resources I did The results have been incredible – even in the hardest cases with the most difficult spouses.

As a family law attorney, mediator, and divorce coach, I’m proud of the divorces I’ve guided my clients through.

Throughout the journey, I’ll also make sure you’re able to:
• Minimize court costs
• Avoid expensive mistakes
• Prevent painful days

Here's Everything We Cover

Grounds For Ending Marriage
Is Divorce the Right Answer?
To answer this question, we’ll review the most common reasons for divorce – from irreconcilable differences to infidelity. By the time you complete this section, you’ll know what decision is right for you and why you’re making it.
How To Start The Divorce Process
What do I do Next?
Knowing your “what” and your “why” is an excellent start, but in order to move forward, you’ll need to know how. All of those next steps will be covered in this module, with an emphasis on avoiding costly mistakes and unnecessary delays.
Child Custody
What About the Kids?
You and your spouse may have had countless conversations leading up to your decision to divorce, but it’s likely going to be a difficult surprise for your children. This module is designed to provide you with a clear plan for custody arrangements that meet everyone’s needs.
Alimony And Child Support
Dollars and Sense: Who Pays Who?
Without question, determining an equitable plan for child support and alimony is one of the most critical responsibilities of any parent navigating divorce. Getting this right is important, and this section will explain everything – including how to come to an agreement.
Hiring The Right Divorce Attorney
Why, When and If to Hire an Attorney
For some couples, a divorce attorney (or even two) is necessary. Others handle the paperwork amicably and file through a mediator. Every divorce is unique. This module will teach you what you need to consider, look for, and expect no matter what you decide.
Divorce Mediation
I Won’t See You in Court
As you can imagine, the inside of a courtroom isn’t a memorable experience for anyone – especially children. For many divorcing couples, mediation offers an easier, less expensive solution, and you’ll learn how to leverage all of that to your advantage in this section.
Marital Debt
What About our Debt?
Determining how to divide marital debt can be complicated, and even emotionally and mentally exhausting. Knowing the difference between what is equal and what’s equitable is important, and this module will help you develop a plan that everyone can agree on.
What To Expect And How To Survive Court
If Court is the Only Option
With or without an attorney by your side, being inside a courtroom can be intimidating. Knowing what to expect will help you establish rapport with the judge, understand the impact of your actions, and increase your chances of a favorable outcome. Module eight will prepare you.
Your Assets And How To Protect Them
What’s Mine is Mine
Undoubtedly, there are some assets you’ll want to protect as you finalize your divorce – maybe even some you haven’t thought of. From assets brought into the marriage or those you acquired while married, we’ll help you understand how to safeguard them properly in this section.
Life After Divorce
Better Days Ahead
Again, divorce is more than just one thing. You’ve ended your relationship but now you’ll have to adjust to a new life, a new routine, and perhaps a new home and budget. This final module provides a clear idea of what you can expect and how to embrace the better days to come.

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